Why the Food Guide Pyramid is a Big Business, and Not a Health Guideline


This may shock you, but following the Food Guide Pyramid — with all its cute colors and healthy “wisdom” — may actually put you at much greater risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity, and other deadly medical conditions. This is simply because the Food Guide Pyramid, which we’ve looked up to for decades, has been revealed to be nothing more than a big business ploy.

Here’s the fact — when the Food Guide Pyramid was being developed by the best nutritionists in America, fruits and vegetables formed the foundation of the pyramid. A heart-healthy diet, after all, should consist of the food that Nature designed us to eat. Grains, crackers, pasta, breads, and rice were put close to the top, since eating these in large amounts can be tantamount to eating large amounts of sugar.

But the big food companies were worried — such a guideline would definitely eat into their sales. So they lobbied with government authorities to modify the Food Guide Pyramid to put carbohydrates at the very bottom of the pyramid, much to the horror of the pyramid’s original creators.

But against their vehement protests, the government went on to please the big food companies by establishing the Food Guide Pyramid as the premier American health guideline. And as we all know, the rates of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes keep soaring year after year.

The cold fact is this — carbohydrates are a high-glycemic food group. That means the body converts it into glucose too quickly. And glucose, when not used up soon enough, gets stored away as fat.

So don’t be another victim of the government and big business! Go back to the basics and let fruits and vegetables form the foundation of your diet. Limit your carb and sugar intake, and take natural food supplement to make sure you’re getting all the nutrition you need.


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