Why The Diabetics Food Guide Pyramid May Be Dangerous


The diet guide pyramid is designed to help both Type 2 Diabetes and Type II Diabetics. In our country, most people with diabetes do not show any signs of improvement. It is not uncommon for a diabetic to follow a dietary guide pyramid, or their plan in this book and not notice a change in their blood sugar levels.

You can type in the ‘Diabetes Diet Guide’ on Google any online search engine and get results. These general, inaccurate guidelines may or may not work for you. Some are misleading and some are very helpful. Always remember that type 2 diabetes requires extreme caution when choosing which guideline to follow.

Type 2 diabetes should learn that a low-grade guideline with a sugar-coated pyramid, which makes it seem like grains are the most important food for people with diabetes, is very misleading. Some guidelines recommend; 6 servings or beans, whole grains and starchy vegetables like peas and corn.

The fact is that starchy grains and vegetables such as peas and corn survive carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are converted to sugar once in the body. This can only harm the body of diabetes, so it is misleading as a dietary guide, and should not be followed blindly, without reason.

Also know that there are some people who will argue that whole grain foods are good for Type II Diabetics. Whole grain foods, while better for the human body and processed grain, are still high in carbohydrates. Following the daily diet of 6 servings of whole grains and starch can be detrimental to the health of many people with type II diabetes, possibly leaving them with little or no chance of recovery.

It will turn out that the diabetic diet pyramid does not work in helping people with type II diabetes. It is quite common that those who follow these types of dietary guidelines, without proper guidance from a health professional or physician, not only improve their condition, but in many cases exacerbate their condition as a result. There is a need for an effective diet guide specifically designed to help diabetics improve their condition. Anyone with diabetes knows how important diet is in controlling type II diabetes. They need useful and accurate information and right now, they have trouble finding it.

There are doctors who choose to educate their patients about the type of diet that can best help their condition. Type 2 diabetes quickly becomes an epidemic, while health care workers continue to recommend the same diets they have seen failures over the years. Overall, the vast majority of people with type II diabetes are getting worse, whether they follow the diabetic diet guide pyramid or other similar programs.

As a diabetic, you should make it your goal to learn an easy-to-follow and weekly diet plan, tailored to your individual needs. Find a doctor who works with individual clients to find the healthy foods they like and can easily do. There are many recipes for healthy eating available.


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