How to Use the Food Guide Pyramid to Achieve and Maintain Good Health


You have probably heard about the pyramid of a food guide. It contains all six food groups and continues to indicate the number of services you should take in each food group.

But have you ever taken the time to learn about the food guide pyramid and how you can use it to improve your nutritional status and that is why your overall health? Although their differences may be somewhat similar to the food pyramids you encounter, the dietary principles they teach are the same. Under these principles the cornerstone of the nutrition room. These policies include:

Eat whole grains, vegetables and fruits
Limit fatty foods, especially those rich in saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol
Use alcohol in moderation
Limit your intake of sweets and sugar
Control the portions of your food rations to reduce total energy consumption
Placing a food guide pyramid in practical use:

Find other foods that you do not take: For example, if you do not eat milk due to lactose intolerance, get something that will provide the basic nutrients found in milk. Since calcium is a key nutrient found in milk, try replacing calcium-rich grains with milk.

Get used to the variety: Not just one diet contains all the nutrients so it is very important to choose a variety of foods in one food group to meet the nutritional needs of your body. Variety also makes your food more enjoyable.

Think about your preferences and preferences when choosing food: To make your eating habits easier to maintain, be sure to embrace your choice of food preferences to your preferences and preferences. For example, serving fruit does not mean taking a piece of pawpaw. It could be a slice of watermelon, a medium-sized orange, a banana, a mango, etc.

Choose by eating snacks and your own food. Choose nutritious (liquid and nutritious) foods for your snacks and meals. For example, instead of drinking soda, you can drink fresh milk or fruit juice that is richer in nutrients than soda that contains a lot of sugar.

Feel free to combine food into all food groups to make your own food: Unlimited opportunities are based on your preferences and creativity when it comes to making food.


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